"For at least two decades, I have had irregular menstrual cycles, ranging from 40+ days - 6 months. This became an issue when my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. For years, I tried various natural healing methods e.g. acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies and diet changes, amazingly none made any significant improvement. On top of that, when I resumed IUI treatment last year, we discovered my left ovary was not functioning well. After many cycles of unsuccessful IUIs, I decided to see Malu since her methods work around each individual's cycle phases, different from my previous experience. After seeing Malu for two months, my left ovary started to work. Then another month, I got pregnant, sadly a miscarriage followed; but it kind of made me feel that my body is waking up and finally functioning. My cycle is now at normal length without the assistance of any hormone stimulation medicine. Though I am not pregnant, I have to thank Malu for all she has done in such short amount of time. I will continue to see her and hopefully soon quality to have a successful story to tell.

I would never be able to fathom in merely a month after my last testimonial I got pregnant, naturally!!! I am currently in early second trimester and still can't quite grasp the fact. I might be sharing too much here, but I want you to understand how wonderful Malu is. The story was my husband and I decided to take a break from IUI treatment during September and October so we can prepare a back-packing trip through Eastern Europe. I kept up with weekly acupuncture sessions with Malu up until our trip. By the time we came back in November, it was an amazing surprise to find out I was already 2 months pregnant! We've been praying for this for 10 years! Malu has been very caring throughout and I find her a comfort at every step, both good and bad moments." -Suming, San Jose CA

"I was blessed to have found Malu as a practitioner to help me get pregnant, stay pregnant and feel as comfortable as possible while pregnant. Often when I look into the eyes of my precious baby, I feel gratitude to Malu for her skilled and compassionate care.

I found Malu when I started asking around about fertility acupuncturists. My husband and I decided to pursue both acupuncture and IUI after trying for six months to conceive. I was 42 at the time, and I didn’t feel I had time to lose. Malu’s name came up repeatedly as the best in the area, and so I scheduled with her. At my first appointment, I felt immediately comfortable and at ease. She is very calm and reassuring, and she checked in with me if any of the points might cause discomfort. Most of the points were completely painless and actually relaxing, but I appreciated that she checked with me before applying any that could be uncomfortable. Something else that I appreciated about getting treatments from Malu is how calm and reassuring she is. Stress contributes to infertility, and her gracious, compassion and calm demeanor helped me relax during my treatments, and I believe this helped me get the most out of them. I loved the option of either seeing her at her Redwood City office, which is comfortable and conveniently located (at least for me), or going to her office in San Mateo, which is a healing, spiritual, gorgeous space. And she seems to only treat two patients at a time, and she scheduled in a way that I never waited to see her or get treatment for more than five minutes. And so I never felt rushed. She provided me with all the documentation I needed for insurance.

Within three months of being treated once or twice a week with Malu, I was pregnant. In fact, my husband and I were scheduled to do IUI for the very next cycle, and we were thrilled to cancel this procedure! I had been taking high dose fish oil, but I had been taking this throughout the time we were trying to conceive. The only thing that I changed was the acupuncture, and so I feel confident that the acupuncture was what helped me get pregnant. Throughout the process, I appreciated that Malu was optimistic and positive about the possibility of acupuncture helping, but she also did not “oversell.” My husband and I felt so fortunate that we were able to conceive naturally at our age. Once pregnant, Malu treated me for nausea. With her treatments, I was able to tolerate the nausea with minimal medication. While the nausea did not completely go away with treatment, it definitely was better.

I had not heard of Dr. Rydfors before I saw Malu, but once I got a sense of the office and learned about his tremendous expertise with high risk pregnancies, I decided to see her husband, Dr. Jan Rydfors, as my OB. What a team! I loved the fact that Malu helped me get pregnant and then Jan delivered our baby. I like their practice so much that I transferred to him for my primary care physician and will continue to see Malu for acupuncture as needed.

Calm, skilled, optimistic, realistic. Malu is an amazing acupuncturist. I could not have been happier with the treatment I received from her, and I am forever grateful for her support in helping my husband and me conceive." -Dee, Redwood City CA

"After over a year of infertility followed by a miscarriage, I decided to try acupuncture to help as we tried to get pregnant again. A co-worker recommended Malu and insisted that I would love her. I’d never done acupuncture before, and was both nervous and a bit skeptical to try it. Malu put a lot of my fears at ease very quickly. She has a very calming nature, and it was very clear how knowledgeable she is. As time went on in our attempts to become parents, I became very worried that something was really wrong and that we’d have to move on to IVF. Malu gave me a lot of confidence and hope, and helped me begin to believe that our path might not be as difficult as I thought. She helped me think through our options and suggested that before we move on to IVF, we see her husband, Dr. Rydfors. Together, they were able to address my condition, and I’m now 21 weeks pregnant with twins!

Malu is continuing to help me through my pregnancy. Her treatments not only helped us conceive but also helped the pregnancy to last. At this point in my pregnancy she’s able to address my side effects and my pregnancy nerves with her treatments. Malu is incredibly caring and kind, and she’s become a huge part of this whole journey that I’ve been on. She has shared in the disappointments and the joys along the way, and offers wonderful support in addition to her treatments. Malu has been an incredible blessing to my growing family and me." -Melissa, Redwood City CA

"I have been seeing Dr.Rydfors (Malu's husband) for a long time, but I was always reluctant to take fertility medications. I wanted to avoid complex fertility procedures and hormonal meds as much as I could. I did try letrozole for multiple cycles, but there was no result. I have gotten pregnant 1-2 times during that time, but it did not last. I had a suspicion that my body was missing something to produce good eggs and sustain a pregnancy. So I decided to try acupuncture and commit to it for at least 6 months before I go for a medicated path. I started with a different acupuncturist at first, but then switched to Malu. I loved her treatments. Actually I enjoyed them so much that I was looking forward to going to her sanctuary and have a good rest and sleep! :)

I was pregnant within 4-5 months after I started my acupuncture treatments with Malu. I saw Malu once a week and also took the herbs prescribed by her. I should mention that Malu was very kind and supportive after I got pregnant. She helped me think positive and hope for the best. Dr.Rydfors did not see my baby's heartbeat during my first appointment. I was sad. But after seeing Malu and listening to her, my spirits were up and I was hoping for the best. The following week we saw my girl's heartbeat! Thanks Malu for being a wonderful support in my long journey." -Cholpon, Foster City CA

"After I had my second child, I became severely hypothyroid. The "normal" range is “0.5-5”, mine was a whopping 12! Before going on medication, I wanted to try something natural, so I went to see Malu for acupuncture treatments. After 6 weeks of treatments, I returned for a blood test and was stunned to see that my TSH level had dropped to 2! When I visited my OB, the nurse kept asking me what thyroid medication I was on. I kept telling her I wasn't taking anything. She couldn't believe it and told me she'd never seen someone's hypothyroidism be regulated so dramatically without the use of drugs.

My hours under Malu's care were wonderful. She is such a caring, knowledgeable practitioner. As a busy working mom, I cherished my time in the relaxing, peaceful sanctuary Malu has created and looked forward to my visits every week." -Deva, San Mateo CA

"After trying to get pregnant for over 3 years, I was extremely worried about pregnancy related complications, especially since I am in my late 30’s and this was would be our first child. I initially went to Malu after my husband and I had our second round of IVF treatment. I later found out I was pregnant and continued my treatment throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of our son. I experienced a significant amount of pregnancy-related anxiety. Malu and her modalities were extremely healing and she was very sensitive in addressing my needs and fears. I believe that Malu’s acupuncture treatments were the reason I had no nausea whatsoever; and the treatments helped reduce the swelling in my hands and feet. A week before my due date, I suffered from Prodomal labor, in which my labor would not progress, although I was having mild contractions. After consulting with my OB and Malu, I decided to have an acupuncture treatment on my due date to help advance my labor. My water broke that night and I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy!

As part of my postpartum care, I continue to receive acupuncture. I strongly believe it has been a huge factor in preventing postpartum depression and has accelerated my recovery after having a c-section. Although it is difficult to make time in my schedule to travel every week from the south bay about an hour each way, I make this time for myself, knowing and trusting that my treatments are fundamental in my emotional and physical well-being." -Nikki, San Jose CA

"I have decided to have a second baby about 2-3 years ago. However, it was not happening. I started seeing Malu after 2 years of trying, one lost baby, and finally learning that I have PCOS. My doctor recommended acupuncture and Malu's services. This was my first experience with acupuncture and there were two changes that occurred right away: (1) egg production: I wasn't expecting such a dramatic change, but instantly the doctor started measuring an increase in the number of viable eggs I was producing each month rather than cysts and (2) mood: I could feel a dramatic shift in my energy to a greater sense of relaxation and calm about the entire process. In the end I am convinced that my ability to relax and my body's ability to do its job more effectively are why I'm now two weeks away from the birth of my first baby. Malu was extremely caring throughout the whole process and I always felt I was in knowledgeable hands! Thanks Malu!" -Corinne, Menlo Park CA

"As a busy working professional, I am a very happy patient of Malu's and a strong advocate for her work. Whatever may be going on in my life, having appointments with Malu are reminders to me that I am taking good care of myself and now my baby. I greatly value her experience and dedication to her field and her patients—she brings such warmth and humor to her work, and she helps lead by example in reminding me that a calm and steady spirit is essential in the midst of the work/life balancing act. I consider her a core member of my health care team because she is incredibly collaborative with my other doctors. My husband and I have been on the infertility path for awhile now, and Malu has been a calm in the storm. We are thrilled to now be pregnant, and I can’t thank Malu enough for all she has done and is doing for me and my growing family." -Lisa, Mountain View CA

"My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. I was ready to give up when a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I was a little bit skeptical at first thinking how could something like that work I knew nothing about it at all. So I went on the computer and looked for an acupuncturist that was nearby that specialized in fertility. I came across Malu and thought why not and made an appointment. Within the first time of talking to her I could tell she knew what she was talking about. When I came in to meet with her she was really nice, understanding and very knowledgeable. I went home that night after meeting her with more hope than I had had in a while. We started treatments right away and every time I left there I felt more relaxed. She actually takes the time to talk to you as well instead of just pushing you out the door. After going to Malu for a month I decided to also do a fertility treatment along with her acupuncture. This time I felt more positive than ever since Malu was teaching me to relax and think more positive and she had put me on herbal supplements as well. That first month I became pregnant and was shocked. I still continued with the acupuncture treatments because I truly believe that without them I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant or stayed pregnant. Here I am 35 weeks pregnant and very thankful that I met Malu. Malu really understands how it is to go through infertility and really takes the time to treat you in a way that is best for you instead of just doing the same thing for every person that comes in there. I can never thank her enough for this gift." -Daria, Woodside CA

"I have been extremely impressed with Malu's professionalism and holistic level of care. She is very caring, calming, informative, empathetic and complete which provides a lot of peace of mind. I always feel like I walk in one person and out a much more relaxed, rejuvenated person. Her San Mateo office is very calming and feels like a spa which makes the experience even more positive. I highly recommend Malu and Clinique Asiatique." -Janise, Foster City CA

"After going through many years of conventional treatments without favorable results, my doctor suggested I try alternative therapies as well. I started going to Malu for acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Malu is very knowledgeable and I was able to get the benefits of conventional medicine combined with her alternative treatments. Today I feel like my body is much more balanced and I am getting more favorable results everyday. Thanks Malu for your help and your kindness!" –Shaili, Menlo Park CA

"A few months after my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. I knew that I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life as this is the big issue once you start taking thyroid medications. Therefore, my doctor referred me to Malu and her practice as an alternative to "modern" medicine. She knew right away how to treat me. We started with acupuncture sessions twice a week and Chinese herbs. The treatment lasted for a few months. Today I am back on track. My Thyroids levels are normal and I feel amazing!

I cannot thank Malu enough on her phenomenal job. She is a very enthusiastic practitioner. Malu has wonderful talent expertise as well as such warm wonderful supportive, fun personality and her clinic is elegant and immaculate." -Daniella, Menlo Park CA

"I've had several visits with Malu in the very early stages of my pregnancy and I absolutely recommend the sessions. Malu takes the time to understand your needs, emotional state and worries. She is an extremely knowledgeable and professional but also very personable, calm and caring. It was critical for me to have the level of support and treatment received at that stage in the pregnancy, especially after struggling for some time trying to get pregnant. Each session with Malu helped me connect mind and body, focus, and envision positive outcomes. I left each session feeling much more calm and energized. I adore Malu and strongly recommend the acupuncture sessions." -Luciana, Sunnyvale CA

"I began seeing Malu to help support my fertility and have continued to see her throughout my pregnancy. Malu's warmhearted and calming demeanor made me feel comfortable from the start. Her knowledge and experience inspired confidence as she devised a plan for acupuncture and Chinese Herb treatments tailored to my needs. I always feel calm, rested and restored after a treatment with Malu and very highly recommend her!" -Hannah, Sunnyvale CA

"Thanks to Malu's attentive care, consultations and support with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I was able to de-stress, and maintain a positive focus to sustain my health, pregnancy to full term! Thanks so much for all your help!" -Aditi, San Bruno CA

"I was initially referred to Malu for thyroid issues. Malu listened intently to me as we walked through my medical history, asking very insightful and pertinent questions and then outlining the areas where she felt I could benefit from acupuncture. I am very discerning about my healthcare providers and only continue with those who I feel are professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. After our initial consult, I felt very comfortable with Malu's qualifications, and her kind, gentle spirit really put me at ease. I enjoy my weekly treatments with Malu. Acupuncture leaves me feeling totally relaxed and unwound, and, along with the herbal mixes that Malu makes for me, leaves me feeling much more focused and energetic throughout the week. In addition to treating me for thyroid issues (which I no longer have), Malu also started treating my chronic shoulder pain that physical therapy had been unable to resolve. Acupuncture has completely resolved my shoulder issues as well and I am back to swimming and lifting with no residual pain." -Michelle, Mountain View CA