If you have just scheduled your first appointment at Clinique Asiatique — Welcome!

Your first one-on-one session with Malu will begin with a thorough diagnostic evaluation, including your personal & family health history, lifestyle & habits, and tongue examination & pulse palpation. Based on your unique Chinese medical diagnosis, Malu will select acupunture points for your treatment. At the end of your treatment, Malu will provide herbal recommendations, as well as lifestyle, exercise and nutritional suggestions.

Please download, complete & bring the attached Welcome Packet (and Fertility History or Gyn Questionnaire, if applicable) to your first appointment, as well as copies of any medical records or lab results that are relevant to your condition. These will help Malu to evaluate your condition and design a treatment plan specific to your needs. Do plan to spend 1 hour at the clinic for this first session.

In order to derive the most benefit from your treatment, we recommend that you:

  • plan to arrive a few minutes early so you are in a relaxed state of mind
  • do not scrape or brush your tongue 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • wear loose fitting clothing
  • eat a little something beforehand
  • avoid vigorous activity, coffee & alcohol a few hours before your appointment